Xamarin & XHackers


XHackers => Xamarin Fanatics – Guess what we code in C# for iOS and Android too!!!

this.btnClickMe.TouchUpInside += (sender, e) =>
this.lblText.Text = "Hello world to XHackers";

Story so far

There were these bunch of people in Bangalore who loved Xamarin, C#, .Net and wanted to show the world how awesome it is to develop applications using Xamarin and C# on Visual Studio! The common thread that brought us together was Xamarin Evangelist Nish (@NishAnil). He orchestrated our first Bangalore Meetup of Xamarin enthusiasts.

On Feb 1st 2014, 8 of us met in the laid back HSR Layout’s CCD. 8 of us were from different backgrounds, developers to architects to consultants to entrepreneurs. We spent some exciting time talking mobile, technology, codes and networking. Before our coffees were over, we saw a common theme emerge. We realized that we should now spread our enthusiasm for Xamarin and share our knowledge to developers in Bangalore. We decided to create our next meetup where we introduce Xamarin to a newbies. XHackers formally began then.

Within a week, we updated our Meetup group, created a Facebook group and a website for us. I have to admit website is still under construction (We got our day jobs as an excuse!). We finalized a Hello World day to introduce Xamarin.

Meanwhile, I had a chat with my UX designer friend Reeko. We brainstormed for two days and came out with the logo displayed here. Back story on this on a later post. 🙂

March 1st 2014 we had our proverbial Hello World session at Microsoft EGL Campus. Initial low attendance improved with Bangalore’s lazy weather getting better as day progressed and we had a pretty decent turnout by the time we started 😉

We had a mixed audience here too. From college students to entrepreneurs we had people from different interest groups who attended this event. We covered Xamarin platform introduction, its possibilities and Hello world on each of the trending platforms – Windows phone, Android and iOS.

Murugan started with Xamarin Introduction, followed by Chaitra’s informative session on Android.  Anubhav and Kirti gave an introduction to Portable Class libraries (PCLs) using Windows phone and Store application. Trilok [“I, me myself”] wrapped the session up with a Hello World on iOS (You could find iOS code from session here). Prashant (@prshntvc), who is with Xamarin came down all the way from Mysore to support us. First meetup’s agenda was to give the audience an overall feel about Xamarin and kick-start their Xamarin coding with C#. We believe we were able to meet that expectation based on the generous feedback we received.

Road Ahead

We are planning to follow-up March session with 3 more hands on labs where PCL and real cross-platform development will be discussed and coded. Dates and details are already up on our FB page.

We are all ears for your needs or ideas about what do you folks want to learn or do in these forums / workshops, may be even a Hackathon event! The more XHackers network grows the more inputs we as a group gather on Xamarin and its wide possibilities.

Local XHacker chapters, kick-start events, your Xamarin success stories are things high on our agenda. If you want to let us know on these you could always post on Meetup or mail in to xhackers dot co  and let us know your thoughts.

Hope to meet you soon in the next XHackers Meetup,



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