Start Right

This weekend I decided to spend 30 minutes watching 3 TED videos I had bookmarked a while ago.

I thought I should summarize the points into this blog in a flow which makes sense to the time-pressed retards we are fast becoming!

In Short, for folks with just 5 minutes –  start-right with this 3 page ppt. Courtesy TED.


Video 1 spoke about Success through 8 points

Crisp and to the point – It would be hard to find anomalies to the above 8 points if you look at successful people in history.


Video 2 – To me success is about conveying the right ideas well so that people will listen. To speak and for others to stop, sit and take notice is a both a prerequisite and an after effect of success. The video below speaks about a few important things to be aware of while putting forth your thoughts in the open. Again crisp and clear.


Video 3 was all about Motivating people to work or achieve in the 21st century tasks which are not so mundane and far from the one goal, one approach traditional tasks. People are often required to innovate even in the day to day jobs they take care.  Old and a bit 2 buckets when it comes to motivating people yet it is a gold to bookmark and revisit.



Hope you would find some words of wisdom in these 3 short videos.



~Trilok R ~


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